Does your graphic design packages include printing?2020-12-21T06:44:23+00:00

No, none of our graphic design packages include printing. If you wish to have us print your design just ask and we can quote you shipped right to your door.

Can you just re-design my current site?2013-04-05T02:38:01+00:00

We would love the opportunity to take your “Bane of your existence” website and turn it into a masterpiece that portrays your brand properly.

What is the deposit that is required?2020-12-21T06:46:17+00:00

Unico Design requires 50% deposit on all design services.

Do you accept credit card payment for your services?2013-04-05T02:36:52+00:00

At this time we are not accepting credit card or paypal purchases for design services. Payment must be made by company or personal cheque.

What about if my site needs to be updated?2020-12-21T06:48:49+00:00

All of our WordPress sites have an easy to use backend for easy updates. It’s a great way to save you some money you would otherwise need to pay a web designer. For the major updates, we fully support our sites, and will quote you on a case by case basis. If you wish to have a website maintenance contract where we take care of all your updates for a monthly fee please just ask us about it when we are quoting you.

What about hosting? Can Unico Design host our website for us?2013-03-05T04:42:44+00:00

Unico Design offers web hosting for 1 year as part of its gold website package. If you wish to use a 3rd party hosting company we have no problem uploading your website there.

Will I meet a sales person in person to discuss our project?2020-12-21T06:50:36+00:00

If your business is in the lower mainland we would love to meet you in person and see firsthand what your business is all about!

What is the timeline to design a website from scratch?2013-03-05T04:42:48+00:00

The time it takes to design a website completely rests in the clients hand. Our designers can have a 13 page website up and running in a month if all the content is readily available (like a site re-design).

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