hether it’s your unresponsive web designer or your inaccessible web page design, your website could be heading toward oblivion—and may even be taking your business or organization with it. Poor web design is like the common cold, minus the contagion; it’s, well, common. It seems to spring organically from unnavigable pages to dead links. As more and more people rely on the internet for research, shopping, doing business, etc…an ill-designed website is not only inconvenient for these internet users, it’s likely to steer them toward your competition—the one with the killer website and miles of internet traffic.

All Teched Out

Some websites feel naked without all the technical bells and whistles that can fit on their main page. There is such a thing, however, as being over-dressed—from a technological point of view. Being on the cutting edge of technology could be cutting out your clientele who use older computer equipment or don’t have zippy enough connections to optimally use your site. Your sophisticated features may take too long to load. They may also freeze up the user’s computer who may try loading you up a second time, but if that doesn’t work, there isn’t likely going to be a third time.

But White on Yellow is My Favorite Color Combo!

Text that can’t easily be read may as well not even be there. White text typically needs a bold font and a dark background. Yet, even a color combination that has a strong contrast can be off-putting depending on the nature of the site. Neon green against black may work for a brand like Mountain Dew or maybe to launch Tony Hawk’s new skateboard, but it isn’t necessarily going to work wonders for Willard’s Law Firm or […]